The consulting services being utilized are grant funded through the Economic Development Administration.  The focus of the consulting is to help businesses of all sectors and sizes restart and become more resilient to economic challenges brought on by COVID 19.

Mehr Group

Nicholle Mehr

Health Care Resiliency
Lenawee Now utilizes Nicolle for health care recovery and resiliency consulting with focuses on HR structuring, certification, and talent strategies. Health care organizations are understaffed since COVID, with huge turnover rates and need assertive models for recovery.

Chase Consulting

Chuck Chase

Sales Recovery Strategies
Lenawee Now utilizes Chuck for sales recovery strategies as companies suffered loss of sales during and after COVID. Staffs need consulting on latest sales approaches, successful change models, new customer experience and advice on how to rebuild a sales force.

Encore Dance Studio

Client Re-Acquisition
This company is being utilized for client re-acquisition, financial modeling and brand consultancy.

Insight HRM, LLC

Amy Bergman

Human Resource Consulting
Lenawee Now uses for restructuring HR policies to integrate COVID 19 laws and regulations, create new talent and recruitment incentives because of the lack of applicants, and more. COVID created a giant shift in work norms, hiring and work expectations that are challenging local companies’ recovery.

Hoyden Creative

Molly Mason, Paige Fuoco

Marketing Consultants
Lenawee Now uses for customer re-acquisition for companies that lost clients, customers, and patrons during COVID.

Business Consultant

Thomas Gannon

Business Consultant
Tom is being utilized to consult with companies on massive economic change and recovery, resiliency strategies. Companies are struggling to understand new markets, product diversification and other changes that the COVID crisis has brought to bear on their operations.